Our Brand Optimization Strategy grows your brand to build your business and take it to the next level. Byte Me Geeks focuses on what matters most... Traffic and Conversions. We start with assessing your company and competition, develop a strong strategy and then execute it. We then measure and improve each step along the way until you are completely dominating your market. At the end of the day, what else matters except for how well your brand attracts visitors that convert to sales?

Keep Your Brand Top-Of-Mind

Whether you are an auto mechanic, a dentist or pest control company, customers are looking for and researching services they need online. They look on Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo from their computers, tablets and cell phones. If they can’t find you, your competition is getting your business. This is where Byte Me Geeks comes in! We drive qualified leads and potential clients to your website.

The proprietary tools and cutting edge strategies we use will grow your brand, building your company's online presence and keeping you top-of-mind. We outsmart your competition by using data-driven insights that deliver better-qualified customers and sales opportunities. We jump right in with digital intelligence using machine learning to target the customers that are searching for your products or services with the right message at the right time... precisely when they are making their buying decision.

Brand Optimization Strategy

Expand Your Brand's Reach And Keep It Top-Of-Mind By Building A Powerful Brand And Online Presence.

Brand + Strategy + Buzz = Search Engine Keyword Autocomplete ...
Expanding your brand's reach and buzz results in search engines recommending you just like the big brands.
How Important Is Brand Optimization?

Build A Powerful Brand And Online Presence

Google only ranks brands, which means you need to have a positive, solid online presence optimized for everything from desktop to mobile. Your brand is how people will first meet you... how they will come to know you and will determine if they decide to reach out to you. Do not underestimate the power of a brand, especially online. The large corporations all over the world understand this well and are VERY concerned about it... You should be, too.

We provide UXO (User Experience Optimization) services to drive customers and leads. Google measures and monitors the user experience, shouldn’t you?

The proprietary tools and cutting edge strategies we implement set us apart from the rest. We don't do what the others do, which is why our competitors don't get the same results we are able to achieve.

Our Brand Optimization Strategy -- formerly known as SEO... now recognized as UXO -- focuses on both organic and autocomplete (dropdown) search engine results. This strategy includes everything from video marketing, directory listings, social media and other pieces of related content with emphasis on massive traffic and conversion. Your brand will be optimized and found in all the places that people are looking for your products or services.

Technical Foundation Highlights:

Competitive analysis, schema markup, website silo architecture, usability, on-page error correction and optimization, security and privacy, UXO and navigational search, buffered and tiered linking, content and network development, landing page conversion optimization, video optimization, geo-targeting, map optimization, directory citations, extensive analytics and reporting, and a dedicated project manager.

Comprehensive Marketing Highlights:

Content, social, video and reputation marketing; Real Time Bid (RTB) and retargeting advertising; network channel optimization, distribution and syndication; training, coaching and consulting expertise provided by our highly skilled professional team.

How Visible Is Your Brand Online?

Get More Customers And Sales

Our Branding Optimization Strategy is not black hat. It is simply providing what Google asks for... and they reward you for it!

Byte Me Geeks' innovative authority marketing and optimization strategies are designed to boost a business' online brand, identity, visibility, and authority... increasing their ability to reliably target, attract and convert new customers. This proven, refined process takes quality and consistency over time and the ROI (return on investment) is measured in the aggregate. Our dynamic, results-based online marketing approach adheres to industry best practices and entails proprietary tools and techniques proven to produce fast, authentic results.